Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Unexpected visitor

I got an email from my sister last week and forgot I wanted to post the pictures here. She works in Scarborough in South Africa (we grew up in SA) and she had this visitor at work for a while. I was born and bred in SA and don't remember seeing many snakes, I always thought they slithered away when they heard someone coming. So here is the email she sent

"Well, we are used to baboons, mongoose, birdlife, tortoises and such BUT today we had a puff adder right below our deck!!
A couple of pics attached!!"

And here are the pics. She told me today the snakehandler came to take him away and will send me more pictures. I will put them up as well. The lucky girl is also going on safari to Botswana next week as part of her job. She works for a safari company
and there is even bit about Tanya if you scroll down the page. She will hopefully send me some pics of that trip, too.

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Cristina said...

I came from portugal, and there there isn't so many wild life loose, that was a thing that i learn here in South Africa, animals, bugs, etc, are almost everywhere. It looks like this is a jungle but it is not, everyone as is own space, weird!!!