Friday, 9 May 2008

A bit more

I feel like I haven't done much this week, so here are the photos of a few things. I have done some more on the triquetra ghan for DD's birthday (in a month from today) and I might actually get done in time. I have done 2 of the 4 squares and they are so quick and easy to do. I am enjoying the filet work. Also I have kept up to date with the saltines for the first cuddle ghan for christmas. It is the Wheels on the Bus Cuddle. It is the second one I am making and I am having as much fun this time as the first time around. I am adding extra rows to the top and bottom. I have made some little dresses as well, using surprising little yarn and quick and easy to make. When I can motivate myself to do it, I will type up the pattern and make it available on my blog. Maybe I should see if anyone asks for the pattern? wink, wink. If anyone is interested, let me know and it will probably get me to do it sooner, rather than later. My other projects were a Rainbow set ghan I have started. I drooled over it when Aussie on Crochetville made it and decided I needed to make one as well. It does not have an owner yet, but maybe soon. And then there is the comfortghan I put together for another Crochetville friend krazy-kitty. She got the package this morning so it is save to show the picture now. There are squares from America, Australia and the UK in the ghan, so it is an international effort. And then there was the capelet I tested for somebody. It is very pretty and easy to make.


heldasland said...

Tracy, you work really quickly,I love the rainbow lapghan I think its so beautiful where can I get the pattern.

tracy said...

Thank you, Helda. The blanket is cute and easy. You can get the pattern