Friday, 23 May 2008


I had decided to do regular updates on my blog and already I am not keeping to it. :) A few things going on here which are swirling around my mind and making me think about a lot of things going on in my life, so not going to talk too much in this post, just going to put in some pictures and a little bit of descriptions. I made another toddler dress from the pattern I got from a friend, but changed it a little bit. I made the skirt part more lacy and put the heart patch on the bodice instead of the skirt. When DD saw it she said I should make one in the opposite colour combination, so I did. I also tried a top pattern I bought from luv2crochet. The pattern was very easy to follow and it worked up quickly. I don't usually work with orange, but thought it was a nice bright colour for a child. I finished up the rainbow ghan this morning and I really like the pattern, I am going to make more. I won't show more pictures of the triquetra ghan as the last 2 blocks are identical to the first two. The ghan isn't far from being finished, so there should be a photo of the completed item soon. I have been plodding along with the bus cuddle as a christmas present for my nephew, thanks to Krystal's bat that she swings around over on Crochetville. I started another baby blanket today, it is called "Hearts and Roses" and I bought it from someone on e-Bay. It was over a year ago, so can't remember who the seller was, but the designer as far as I know was Nanna G. I also made another two of Inga's bags, I am trying to use the yarn I have that is not suitable for baby items, the bags still need to be lined. Enjoy the pictures. :) I also need to mention that a friend of mine, Helda, had an article published. Helda started the London Crochet Meetup and also has a podcast. I will put a link to the podcast on the blog soon.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Almost forgot

I almost forgot to write about the package I received last week! My friend over on Crochetville said she would be sending me a pattern along with my friendship squares, I got more than that! She is a very sweet lady who has spoilt me. :) The pattern was for the cutest little toddler dresses and she sent yarn, too. Gorgeous yarn that is going to be used for something special. I have made a dress from the pattern already and am working on the second one. I have changed the pattern of the skirt for this one and will show pictures of that another time. For now, here are the pictures of what was in the package and the first dress.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Bags, bags, bags

This weekend I decided to have a bag weekend. I made Inga's bag. It was quick and easy, except for the lining, but once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed sewing the lining. I was very impressed with the way it come out. I only did 4 rounds for each square, I think next time I might do 5 to see how much bigger the bag will be. I also made the Shell Bag from the Happy Yellow house website. Also easy and quick. And then I made some more bangle bags while I watched Law & order Saturday night. I have done some more saltines for the bus cuddle and rows on the triquetra ghan, but haven't taken updated photos of those yet. Just as well, it took me an hour and half just to load these few pictures, not sure if problem with the laptop or the card reader yet. I am almost finished with the first dress from the pattern a friend sent me last week, I will put a photo of that up next time as well. DD has her SATS this week, so please think of her and send her good thoughts. I can't believe she will be starting high school in September. When she got back from her school trip 2nd May, she told me she had a good time and she wasn't tired, 5 hours later I got this photo of her and she slept for 13 hours! Definately a sign she had a good time. ;)

Friday, 9 May 2008

A bit more

I feel like I haven't done much this week, so here are the photos of a few things. I have done some more on the triquetra ghan for DD's birthday (in a month from today) and I might actually get done in time. I have done 2 of the 4 squares and they are so quick and easy to do. I am enjoying the filet work. Also I have kept up to date with the saltines for the first cuddle ghan for christmas. It is the Wheels on the Bus Cuddle. It is the second one I am making and I am having as much fun this time as the first time around. I am adding extra rows to the top and bottom. I have made some little dresses as well, using surprising little yarn and quick and easy to make. When I can motivate myself to do it, I will type up the pattern and make it available on my blog. Maybe I should see if anyone asks for the pattern? wink, wink. If anyone is interested, let me know and it will probably get me to do it sooner, rather than later. My other projects were a Rainbow set ghan I have started. I drooled over it when Aussie on Crochetville made it and decided I needed to make one as well. It does not have an owner yet, but maybe soon. And then there is the comfortghan I put together for another Crochetville friend krazy-kitty. She got the package this morning so it is save to show the picture now. There are squares from America, Australia and the UK in the ghan, so it is an international effort. And then there was the capelet I tested for somebody. It is very pretty and easy to make.