Tuesday, 29 January 2008

I did it!!!!

I did it, I did it. I finished my first ever hand made wedding present!! Last year I got this insane idea that I should make wedding presents for my family from now on. After months of debating what to make, then deciding on a table cloth, getting the materials, then deciding that I didn't like it, getting more materials and starting 3 (yes, that's right, three) times, I got some more yarn and started this round ripple blanket. I used a Shifio baby shawl pattern, used a strand each of DK and 4-ply with a 9mm crochet hook and made this. Well, she got married in November (yep, delayed reaction) and now in January I finished her present. All it needs now is to get it wrapped and posted to South Africa. I have had the card a few months, but as they say, better late than never. Lets just hope the present for her sister getting married in May gets made and posted in time.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Progress and presents

After having a lovely sunny (but cold) day yesterday, we are back to windy, grey days today, the perfect day to sit indoors, watch tv and craft. I still wish I was back in South Africa though, I am missing my family and friends (and the warmth and sun) even more and feeling extremely homesick today. So I decided to try to cheer myself up and update my blog today to say, I have the BEST sister in the world, I got a lovely present from her in the post today. She sent us each a necklace with our birthstones and they are lovely. And trust her to find the cutest little boxes to store them in, too.
I haven't been working on much this week, just working on WIP and trying to decide what else to make. :) I did one pattern repeat on the knitted cardigan, made a few squares for the Casablanca (wow, it is going to be big), made some squares out of leftovers for a blanket (I have decided to help my daughter and make a blanket for the organisation she wants to help). The other pictures are DD's progress on the blanket she is making and the lovely presents from my little sister. Thank you SO MUCH sister for brightening up my day.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

So many projects, so little time. :)

Well, I have been busy this week. Started 2 new projects and carried working on two that I had started last year and one I had started on New Years Day. I have also taken a photo of my DD's project. She saw a website that one of my old teacher's has here They are doing a lot of good there and DD was touched by their work and has decided she wants to knit a blanket for them as well. I have started my own quiltghan, it is slow going, but I love this ghan and can't wait to get more time to work on it. And then there is the cardigan I started for a friend last year, which was meant to be her Christmas present (well, ok, maybe she can have it for next Christmas :) ). Only joking, she deserves to get it as soon as it is finished.
Oh, and christmas came for me again!! My bamboo circular knitting needles arrived yesterday and they are BLISS to work with. I transferred the cardigan I was knitting over to them last night and they are so comfortable to knit with.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Holiday projects

Finally got around to taking pics of the things I made and started while I was on holiday. The Bratz outfits were for my daughter's doll that she got for Christmas, very quick and easy. Donna has some great patterns here

I made a baby doll carrier that I still need to post and now my daughter wants one for her Bratz Big Baby

I also started a ripple blanket for my cousin as a wedding present. I have taken a separate picture of the yarn I am using as the the picture of the ripple itself does not show up the pattern in the yarn.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

New year

Well, it took me long enough to add another post to my blog! I have no excuses, apart from being busy before christmas with getting work finished so we could enjoy the holiday and working on some presents. I did remember to take SOME pictures of the things I made.

The wavy lapghan was for my grandmother, the orange colours scarf was for my daughter's teacher and the the blue scarf and hat were gifts for my cousin. I made another set for the sister-in-law in a sea-green, but forgot to take pictures of it.
What makes you think the two children might be related? Those are my cheeky daughter and my loveable 10-month old nephew (well, he was when I took the photo :) ).