Thursday, 26 June 2008

Finishitus :)

This week I have finishitus. I have been finishing off things that I started when I had crocheting ADD. Yup, I start things, see something else I like and move onto that. Well, this week I am finishing off things to get ready for Saturday. I found a matinee jacket and bonnet I started last year, didn't take long to do the sleeves and bonnet, I finished the hexagon cardigan I started last week or the week before. This pattern is quick and easy, I saw one some over on Crochetville had made and had to try it. She got the pattern from a video. It is in Portuguese (I think) but the visuals are good and easy to follow. I finished the bigger camo hooded cardigan and the Bus Cuddle. I also got some yarn from a friend in the US and I used some of it to make a matinee jacket. The yarn is lovely, white with green and blue flecks with a silver thread running through it. Everything still needs buttons, I don't like sewing buttons on and wait until I have a few things that need buttons before doing that. I will be sewing them on tomorrow. :)

Over on the 'Ville someone is having a bet for not buying yarn until Christmas Eve, a lot more willpower than me, I would've failed miserably, I bought 2 cones yesterday. I can't resist a bargain, I went into a charity shop and found some cones for £0.99 each and bought 2 white ones.

I am making some more hexagon cardigans and hopefully I might have more pictures next week. Have a good weekend. :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Just some more

So much for regular updates! I think it is more than a month since I posted anything new. I have no excuses, I don't know what happened. :)

I have finished the white hearts and roses shawl (start in previous post), I made a green one as well (I like the pattern, what can I say?), I have made a Gingham Baby blanket from one of my favourite sites, The Happy Yellow House. I have made a hooded cardigan in camo type yarn, came out better than I expected and I am now making a bigger one for my step-nephew in South Africa, almost finished, just needs to be put together and the edges done. I am considering making for my niece and nephew as well, I have almost decided on colours for them and maybe sewing a springbok motif on it for them. I haven't taken photos of the bangle bags I have made as by now you know what they look like, I just change the yarn and colours for each one. On Saturday is a summer fete at the school and I have a stall to show and sell some of the things I have made. DD thinks I should make 80 bags as each of the girls at school will want to buy one. I think she is being slightly ambitous, so not sure if I can make that many in 4 days. lol
There is a picture of the progress of the Bus cuddle I am making for my nephew as a Christmas present (I am trying to get a headstart on those projects) and also some of the hats I made for the lady in London. Silly me forgot to take photos of the two I made before that which were quite interesting in that they had different shaped patches put on them. I feel like I have made loads in the last month, but it doesn't look like I have done much. Hmmmm. Enjoy the pictures.