Sunday, 20 January 2008

So many projects, so little time. :)

Well, I have been busy this week. Started 2 new projects and carried working on two that I had started last year and one I had started on New Years Day. I have also taken a photo of my DD's project. She saw a website that one of my old teacher's has here They are doing a lot of good there and DD was touched by their work and has decided she wants to knit a blanket for them as well. I have started my own quiltghan, it is slow going, but I love this ghan and can't wait to get more time to work on it. And then there is the cardigan I started for a friend last year, which was meant to be her Christmas present (well, ok, maybe she can have it for next Christmas :) ). Only joking, she deserves to get it as soon as it is finished.
Oh, and christmas came for me again!! My bamboo circular knitting needles arrived yesterday and they are BLISS to work with. I transferred the cardigan I was knitting over to them last night and they are so comfortable to knit with.


heldasland said...

Hi,tracy you've been really busy, oh my god I love the white blanket its so effective,those needles look great.

Nélia said...

Olá Tracy!
Esta camisola vai ficar mesmo muito bonita.Vou guardar este blog para vir espreitar quando estiver pronta!