Monday, 12 May 2008

Bags, bags, bags

This weekend I decided to have a bag weekend. I made Inga's bag. It was quick and easy, except for the lining, but once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed sewing the lining. I was very impressed with the way it come out. I only did 4 rounds for each square, I think next time I might do 5 to see how much bigger the bag will be. I also made the Shell Bag from the Happy Yellow house website. Also easy and quick. And then I made some more bangle bags while I watched Law & order Saturday night. I have done some more saltines for the bus cuddle and rows on the triquetra ghan, but haven't taken updated photos of those yet. Just as well, it took me an hour and half just to load these few pictures, not sure if problem with the laptop or the card reader yet. I am almost finished with the first dress from the pattern a friend sent me last week, I will put a photo of that up next time as well. DD has her SATS this week, so please think of her and send her good thoughts. I can't believe she will be starting high school in September. When she got back from her school trip 2nd May, she told me she had a good time and she wasn't tired, 5 hours later I got this photo of her and she slept for 13 hours! Definately a sign she had a good time. ;)