Monday, 21 April 2008

Progress for the week

I have been busy with lots of little things. I have to make stock and do a business plan for the self-employment scheme, as well as researching all different places to sell, insurance, etc. I did do some crocheting in between and here are some pictures to show the progress I have been making. I finally finished the sleeping bag for the lady in London, it got posted this morning. I have made 5 baby summer dresses, the bodices are crocheted and the skirts are fabric and there is a motif on the bodice from the same material as the skirt. These are really quick and easy to make. I also made a 3-in-1 dress in white and green. It is a Shifio pattern (I bought a lot of her patterns and have decided to start making the things now :)). I am taking part in the Row a day 'til Christmas Cal on Crochetville and my first project is another Wheels on the Bus cuddle from here. There is also the Shawler for DD that I have been working on in Marble DK, I like the way it stripes and I will be working on it again soon. Today I started a shell bag from here. The patterns on that site are really easy and fun to do. I started a ghan for DD's birthday, I am doing triquetra's in filet. I was going to do it in graphs, but I was getting all knotted up, so decided that for my first graph project I need to find something with not quite so many changes and when I am happy with that, I will attempt a triquetra graph again. Also, I need to hurry as it is less than two months to get finished. I did 9 rows last night on the first square and then found out that I had made a mistake in the beginning, so to the pond I go. And then there is the dishcloth I made from some recycled cotton using one of the patterns I got from my Secret Pal. It was fun and easy to make and it feels so soft. Now, just to get brave enough to start dying all the cream coloured cotton I have. I also made another bangle bag and have started another baby dress in white and purple.


kansas crochet mom said...

oh my gosh the little girl dresses are beautiful! you did a wonderful job!

heldasland said...

You are such a busy body you make awesome stuff, I really love the dresses so cute