Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Cheap and cheerful

I haven't done too much that can be put on my blog yet. I posted my Swap Partners reveal package to her yesterday, so she should have it next week. What I can show is the Drum Afghan I made, which DD has decided should be for the new baby that was due last Saturday. As we still don't know what it is, a multicoloured blanket should be perfect for it. DD wanted it, but I said no. Well, I am going to be making her a graphghan for her birthday in Bratz colours with a triquetra and my mom is making her a quiltghan with a cat on it.
I found the book "220 Aran Stitches" for £0.85 in a charity shop, another addition to my collection of crochet and knitting books. You can never have too many books or too much yarn, right?
Then the two outfits are what DD designed and made herself for her dolls. She is knitting scarves/shawls to match them and she wants to make shoes as well. She is very pleased with herself for all that, as she should be. Hopefully there will be more to add next time.

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heldasland said...

I have that book and it certainly didnt cost 85p. I love charity shops but lately i havent found anything. Blanket looks rally cool