Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Post, post, post

Today has been a great day for post!! Two international parcels and one local. The local one was actually for DD, but great post. It was the book where her poem has been published! She was excited when she first found out it was going to be published, but her face when she got the book today and saw it in the book was priceless. Then there were the things for me, one BIG box of yarn all the way from America, thank you so much, you know who you are. And perfect colours for something I want to make for DD's room, too. And there was a skein of Sugar n Creme which I have only seen pictures of and now finally get to try out and the set of crochet hooks for DD which she will test when she is home again. Then there was the envelope all the way from South Africa, from the bestest sister. 15, yes that's right, 15 stitch markers from her etsy stock. Now, to find the projects to use them with. I have been really blessed with stitch and row markers this year, I think that means I should get some more WIP instead of WIM? ;)


heldasland said...

I demand all that wool and a set of stitch markers, you are so lucky

lovetoknit said...

I enjoyed your blog and admire your work. Just beautiful. Those stitch markers are gorgeous. My name is Julie, and I'm writing to you from sunny Orlando, FL. It's nice to meet you. Hope we can chat again.

tracy said...

Thank you ladies :).
Nice to meet you, Julie. I like you blog, too and your socks look great! I have put a link to your blog on mine.
Helda, I miss the group. If I am visiting my mom when there is a meetup I am going to try to visit you guys.