Friday, 21 March 2008

Doesn't look like much

Well, I have been making things this week, just can't show too much of it. I am still plodding along with things for my Secret Pal, but will be finished soon. I have to have it in the post by the 1st of April. Once she has her reveal package, I will post the pictures. Well, for the things I can post, there is a banana bread (hit with the children, so might do that again) normal white bread (need to get some brown bread or whole meal flour) and the baby cardigan I made. It is very straightforward, all dc and then knitted ribs.
First day of the Easter holidays yesterday, DD was out the whole day with friends and I suspect that will be the routine for most of the holidays. I am still waiting for the sleep over questions, but not YET. Well, if she is busy with friends, I guess that leaves me more time for my own things, right? Now, just to get some way of cooking and cleaning that I can crochet at the same time. ;)

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