Thursday, 10 April 2008


Been a busy week (kind of). I did make an outfit for the doll, I wrote down the pattern and am making another one and waiting for DD to find another in her room (sty?) so I can try it on and make sure I wrote it down correctly. My SIL had her baby, at last, on 9th April, I am now aunty to a new niece, 8lb 6oz at birth! She is pretty and I can't wait to see her in real life and both Nana's granddaughters have birthdays on the 9th (just in different months). DD is pleased that she is 10 years and 10 months older than her new cousin. I had made a few different outfits for the baby, not knowing whether it was a girl or boy, so when I found out I just finished off this outfit for her and posted it today with the Drum ghan (see previous post). The hat was from Shifio , the cardigan was my own design (I think it still needs a bit of tweeking) and the bottees were from Bev's pattern. Then there are the new thing, the bangle bag, It is a pattern available from here, it is designed by bettycrackpot and she let me test it. Thank you. It was easy and I will be making more.
I had an interview this morning about becoming selfemployed, looks promising. Yayyy.

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nelia said...

A very, very nice sweater!
great job