Thursday, 2 August 2007


I had a good week away in Great Yarmouth visiting family and relaxing, but I could not resist looking at and buying more yarns!!! I got some lovely fun yarns and a bag full of crochet cotton which I am hoping to use to make potpourri bags with. I also got a crochet jewellery kit to try my hand at crocheting jewellery.

And I did make some things while I was on holiday, too. I finished the vest top for my daughter and I made a matching hat, but haven't photographed it, yet. Here is a picture of the first one I made for her, she loves modelling the things when she is in the mood to do it.

I am supposed to be going to visit again later in the school holidays, but I don't know if I can trust myself in the shops there! I also made a mobile phone cover, a nintendo ds cover and some flowers, will take more photos when I have put the press studs on them. Did I say earlier I was on holiday? Well, it must have been a good holiday if I got time to do my favourite things, like knitting and crocheting.

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