Saturday, 25 August 2007

Knitting and crochet

I have had a busy few days while waiting for the weather to improve. I knitted the children each a jelly baby, which they enjoyed playing with. Then my cousin suggested that I make an Iggle Piggle from "In the Night Garden" as his son is a big fan, I was nagged into designing one for him. I am quite pleased with the result, it does need a bit of tweaking, but the first try wasn't too far off. My cousin's son seemed impressed with his Iggle Piggle and I am impressed with myself for designing him! I have started typing up the pattern for future use. I have also started crocheting a baby shawl to send to my stepsister in South Africa for her baby son. I have also a few new projects that I will be starting for Christmas presents, will be putting pictures up once I do start them. The first two are blankets from website which has some stunning quilt blanket patterns on it. I will be making the school bus blankets for my nephew and cousin's son. Will keep updated on the other projects to be started.


heldasland said...

You have got to make one of those for me I love them . I have never made any toys.These are so cute

Nezumi said...

You have been busy. The toys look great.