Monday, 20 August 2007

Holiday and hobbies

We have been visiting with my cousin in Kent for a little while, so lovely and peaceful here. We went camping last week and enjoyed that, too. Not the best weather for camping, but we did have fun. The children had a ball and of course I had my crocheting with me (can't go anywhere without that!)

I decided to venture out into the high street on the bus this afternoon with the children and (surprise, surprise) I ended up with more patterns and yarns. Well, what is visiting new places for if you can't get some things that make you happy? I had a peep around a charity shop to see what they had (and apart from the children getting a doll and a train) I got a book of knitting patterns to knit my daughter and cousin's son some mini toys, they have decided on the jelly babies. I might go back to buy some more of the patterns as they had a few Jean Greenhowe patterns and I only bought the one booklet (what was I thinking of!) So of course, I had to get the yarn to make them with as well as I hadn't brought a lot of yarn with me, figuring I could just get some more if I needed it, which I always do. I also got a lovely old booklet with crochet doilies, etc in it. I got the crochet cotton on my last holiday in Great Yarmouth, so now I can complete a project with bits bought at different places during the holidays, it will be a real holiday project :).

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heldasland said...

sounds like the perfect holiday.wish i was there.