Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pictures and portraits

Have I ever told you about my friend Wendy? Well, she has a reputation for being an enabler. For someone like me with almost no willpower, I am often one of her victims. Maybe it is a good thing she lives on another island half way across the world? Could you imagine how many WIP's I would have if she lived any closer? :-O Our latest "addiction" is Crochet by Numbers and we love it. So much that we actually have WIM's planned for the next few months, if not years. This is the Ravelry group where we saw these works of art and this is the website where we learned the technique. Todd is an artist and for a donation will convert your picture for you. You can see on his site and on the Ravelry group the stunning projects people have made. Oops, rambling. Well, I loved the idea so much and having a RPattz and Twilight fan daughter and being a bit of a closet Twilight fan myself :P, I had to try to combine them.

Here are my attempts. I did Jacob first as I pictured him all in browns and browns are what I had in my stash. Last week mom and I went out and I found some more shades of grey (a bit disappointed that I could only find 4 shades so far) and I did Edward. These are going to be backed and used as pillow covers. Kyla claimed Jacob until she realised I could make Edward and immediately gave him back and took Edward for her own LOL.

The pattern for Edward I will put up in one of my posts soon


MaryannRandi said...

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE these twilight pics! Do you make them to sell? I'd love to purchase them, and have a few friends that would be interested as well! let me know! Thanks!

tracy said...

I do make them to sell :), if you are interested, you can email me at tadlittlethings at gmail dot com