Sunday, 5 October 2008

Odd bits

I did make a few other things that slipped my mind. I knitted a sweater for my step nephew and luckily remembered to take a photo before I posted it to him. I also crocheted another hooded cardigan, this time for my niece. It is done in pink and orange Rio yarn and come out really well. It is too big for her at the moment. I also knitted a Babe from "Five Babes and their outfits" for DD. Well, we let my niece and nephew play with them and in the end we had to send it home with them. Nephew bit the eyes off and gave them to me, Niece likes smooshing it in her face and running her fingers through the hair. :D

I also made a baby sized Irish Chain blanket in pink, purple and green. Nothing much, just trying to blog regularly and add pictures as I go. Hope you are all having a good Sunday.


sissie said...

very nice work tracy and I love your doll she is so cute:)


Nikka said...

hi! you're very talented :) i love your work!

tracy said...

Thank you, ladies. :)