Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Almost normal

Well, so much for keeping the blog up to date. :P I have been busy, really, I have. The summer holidays started in the middle of July, I was given notice to move from our house, then at the end of the holidays decided to move in with mom. Then DD started highschool, now that is a scary thought. She loves her new school, it is a performance art kind of school and that is just what she needs. Last week they did auditions for a play and she is really excited about the play, even if she gets the smallest role.

Now, what have I been making? I was making things in between all of this. There was the "Crochetville Ancient Games of Greece" while the Olympic games were on. Even though I was disqualified, I had a lot of fun. I had originally planned to make my sister a double bed sized afghan for her birthday, just after the start of the Games I realised I actually needed some baby blankets, so changed my challenge to 5 baby blankets instead (hence the disqualification). Well, I managed to finish the 5 blankets. Pictures to follow. One was a baby gingham in blues, there were 2 hearts shawls (one in beige & white and one in a silvery white), a ruffles shawl from Shifio's website, and a blanket of my own in white and purple.

I have also been making some more baby matinee jackets and was playing around with the idea of booties and socks, but oh, those baby socks are finicky on DPN's! I have now got a pattern for some 2 needle baby socks, if I can work my around that, I might give the DPN's a try again, if I get shorter ones. I bought the cutest crochet shoe pattern on Etsy by Hollanddesigns. She has the cutest baby patterns in her Etsy store and the shoes were quick and easy to make. And the end result so CUTE! My SIL loved the pair I made for my niece, I really need to make her some more. Every little girl deserves at least one pair of these shoes. I did make a dress out of matching yarn, but we weren't too impressed with that. Win some, lose some. ;) And I made a dress from the Crochet! magazine.

Now that life is normal (well, as normal as anyone can hope for), maybe I will remember to blog more regularly. I can hope, can't I?

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