Thursday, 13 September 2007

Some sort of normality

We finally got back from visiting my cousin and school has started. I haven't done as much as I would have liked over the last two weeks, but here is some of the progress I have made. I finished the baby shawl that is a gift for somebody, it is in pale blue and I have left the ribbons out as it is for a boy. I have made 4 hats for my sister, 2 brown, 1 grey and one multicoloured (she wanted it made from leftovers, so that is kind of what she got). The other project I am working on is a cuddle afghan, I am hoping to get a few done as christmas presents for all the younger children in my family. The picture shows the progress on the School Bus cuddle for one of the boys.


Judy said...

Tracy, you're doing great!
Love the baby shawl in particular.
Did you make up the pattern for the hat?
Judy (judianne on the 'ville)

Nezumi said...

Your getting faster and faster, they all look great :)

heldasland said...

I love the shawl so much