Thursday, 20 September 2007

Some progress

I have become addicted to crocheting little squares for quiltghans!!!! I have worked on my Bus Ghan most of the week, but looking at the picture it doesn't look like I have done much. I can't wait to start on some of the other projects I want to make as christmas presents. I have the colours and yarn all sorted for them, they have been staring at me since Sunday. And the addiction is contagious. My mom started making a quiltghan for herself, and has now bought the yarn and started making one for my daughter as well, in the process using the design that I found for my cousin and was considering making for my daughter!! Anyway, I decided (almost) that I would be making the Love letters one for her from Happy Yellow House website.

I went to the market today to get yarn for a cardigan I am going to knit for a friend and I was good, mostly. I only ended up buying two extra balls of wool from a charity shop, a bargain at 50p each, now I just need to decide what to make with it.

Well, the pictures are the progress of my Bus Ghan, the yarn and pattern of the cardigan I am going to start (if I can tear myself away from Crochetville) and the yarn from the charity shop.


Nezumi said...

The Bus Ghan is coming along, how many tiny sqaures will it take to for the whole piece?

tracy said...

Those ones are going to have 342 squares.